Room + Linen Mist can be used to fragrance any room and help eliminate bad smells. Also great to freshen up soft furnishings, linen and clothes. Use straight after washing, before ironing, or on bedding to enrich your home.

The Minimum order quantity for this range is 6 Room + Linen Mists (of the same scent) for a total of $31.62 which equates to $5.27 per bottle with a RRP of $10.

Room + Linen Mist - Min qty 6

  • Blossom

    Soft, bouquet of paperwhite + clementime flowers infused with clove + coconut.


    Citrus + Lemongrass

    Zesty, vibrant mix of tangerine & guava fruit peel with refreshing bursts of lemongrass.


    Clean Cotton

    Crisp, clean & pure linen freshly washed and dried on a breezy day.


    Coconut + Lime

    Lush, tropical coconut with splashes of invigorating zesty lime.


    Coconut + Vanilla

    Indulgent, warm toasted coconut combined with smooth, buttery vanilla.


    Day Spa

    Invigorating blend of lemongrass, peppermint, grapefruit, sage , cucumber + lavender.



    Distinguishing Bergamot, lime + cedarwood with notes of leather, sea spray + tobacco.


    Sandalwood + Patchouli

    Earthy combination of amber, cedarwood, Indian sandalwood & patchouli.


    Sleeping Beauty

    Soothe and relax with calming lavender essential oil to assist with a good night sleep


    Spiced Orange

    Orange peel with cinnamon, clove combined with fir needle + peach.