Our fragranced reed diffusers are the ultimate in luxury home decor accessories. Available in ten premium fragrances with your choice of cap and reed colour. The diffusers are beautifully presented in a sleek white box.  Each diffuser set comes complete with six Dacron diffuser sticks for optimum scent throw. 
The Minimum order quantity for this range is 6 diffusers of the same scent and cap/reed combo. The total is $85.68 which equates to $14.28 per diffuser with a RRP of $20. 

Diffusers 200ml - Min Qty 6

Diffuser Stick Colour
Cap Colour
  • $22.16 per Diffuser


    • Clean Cotton - Crisp, clean & pure linen freshly washed and dried on a breezy day.
    • Coastal Breeze - Refreshing & calming blend of wild freesia with lime & lavender notes.
    • Coconut + Lime - Lush, tropical coconut with splashes of invigorating, zesty lime.
    • Exotic Amber - Opulent combination of amber, cedar wood, Indian sandalwood & patchouli.
    • Fig + Melon - Fruity, sweet rock melon & fig with warm vanilla undertones.
    • Midnight Spice - Top notes of bergamot & citrus zest with sandalwood, vetiver & black peppercorn.
    • Orange + Frangipani - Juicy, sweet oranges combined with smooth, tropical frangipani flowers.
    • Piña Colada - Delicious mix of Brazilian pineapple & coconut with a splash of mango.
    • Vanilla Crème - Creamy, rich & intoxicating pure vanilla fragrance that is silky smooth.
    • Waterlily + Sea Mist - Sweet balsam, waterlily & star jasmine with fir needle, musk & patchouli.