Our classic range featuring our sleek, matte white jars with matching matte white lids and presentation boxes. The Classic candes have a burn time of 35 hours.



The Minimum order quantity for this range is 5 candles of the same scent. The total is $71.40 which equates to $14.28 per candle with a RRP of $22.

Classic Candles - Min Qty 5

  • $14.28 per Candle


    • Coconut + Lime -Lush, tropical coconut with splashes of invigorating zesty lime.

    • Fresh Pear + Jasmine - Crisp freshly cut pear & comforting jasmine flowers in bloom.
    • Ivory Blossom - Soft, bouquet of paperwhite & clementime flowers infused with clove & coconut.
    • Lychee + Black Tea - Delicate, sweet lychee fruit infused with black tea leaves.
    • Melon + Fig -Fruity, sweet rock melon & fig with warm vanilla undertones.

    • Orange + Frangipani - Juicy, sweet oranges combined with smooth, tropical frangipani flowers.
    • Salted Caramel + Vanilla -Warm & comforting creamy vanilla with delicious sea salted caramel.

    • Sandalwood + Patchouli - Warm, earthy sandalwood with base notes of patchouli & cedarwood.
    • Tangerine + Guava - Zesty, vibrant mix of tangerine & guava fruit peel with peony flower.
    • Vanilla + Coconut - Indulgent, warm toasted coconut combined with smooth, buttery vanilla.