Our Candle Tins are lovingly hand poured into a matte black metal tin with a matching matte black lid. Small enough to travel with you anywhere in the world and stylish enough to enhance your home. The burn time is approx 20 hours.

The Minimum order quantity for this range is 5 candles (of the same scent) for a total of $32.85 which equates to $6.57 per candle with a RRP of $12.

Candle Tins - Min qty 5

  • Bamboo + White Lily

    Clean, elegant white lily with fresh, oriental notes of bamboo.


    Black Raspberry

    Sweet, juicy raspberries combined with ripe blackberries. Middle notes of jasmine & base notes of light musk & vanilla.


    Coconut + Lime

    Lush, tropical coconut with splashes of invigorating zesty lime.


    Fig + Melon

    Fruity, sweet rock melon & fig with warm vanilla undertones.



    Calming, relaxing fields of lavender that sooth your senses.


    Salted Caramel + Vanilla

    Warm & comforting creamy vanilla with delicious sea salted caramel.